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Research Office

Research Office Address

Level 3, Research HUB
C5C East, Macquarie University
NSW 2109 Australia

Telephone: 61 2 9850 7987
Fax: 61 2 9850 4465

The Research Office is responsible for the management of research that takes place at Macquarie University or is conducted by University staff.

Pre Award

Assists with all queries relating to internal or external research funding opportunities (including submission) up until the grant outcome is known, such as:

  • Notification of intent to apply for a specific external research funding opportunity
  • Queries regarding eligibility or interpretation of funding guidelines for internal or external research
  • Submission of draft proposals (for external research funding opportunities) for compliance checking and feedback (Please note that unless stated otherwise (e.g. ARC and NHMRC), the Research Office deadline for draft applications to external funding agencies is at least one week prior to that of the funding agency)
  • Submission of final external proposals (after RO feedback has been received and incorporated) to allow the pre-award team to submit the application to the external funding body
  • Information on all internal research funding schemes
  • Submission of proposals for internal funding schemes
  • MQ Coversheet queries
  • Rejoinder queries and feedback
  • Sponsored research queries
  • MQ Co-funding requests
  • MQ DVCR Discretionary funding requests

Please email:


Post Award & Reporting

Assists with all post award matters and queries relating to:

  • Notification of outcome/award
  • Variations
  • Carry forward requests and transfers

Please email:

Please note the address is no longer in use

Research Ethics & Integrity

Human Research Ethics

Assists with:

  • Queries regarding human ethics applications
  • Amendment requests
  • Human Research applicant responses
  • Annual reports
  • General Human Ethics queries

Please email:

Animal Ethics

Assists with:

  • Queries regarding animal ethics applications
  • Amendment requests
  • Animal Research applicant responses
  • Annual reports
  • General Animal Ethics queries

Please email:

Research Policy & Contracts

When an online coversheet for a project has been completed and approved by the Faculty HoD, initial requests for the review and drafting of research related agreements and contracts can be sent to this address. When your request has been received, you will be contacted by a member of the Contracts Team and you may be required to fill in a Legal Instruction Sheet (LIS). Once a completed LIS is received, you will be notified which member of the RO Contracts Team or Solicitor from the Office of General Counsel will deal with your matter.

Please email: