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Enterprise Partnerships
Value of:

Research partnerships ensure our research is relevant to industry and government demands.

Our aim is to encourage more focused research activity by moving from a research-push towards a market-pull position. This will result in increased efficiency and repeat business.

As a result Macquarie has set targets aimed at diversifying our funding and strengthening our connections with private industry.

News: Pilot Research Grant

To help get your partnerships off the ground, research staff are invited to apply for a Pilot Research Grant under the Enterprise Partnerships Scheme. The grants are for 1 year only and we will match dollar-for-dollar cash contributions from the enterprise partner up to $50,000.

Commercialisation is an efficient means of transferring the results of our research from the University sector to the business or government sectors.

At a specific point in the research process the commercial potential of the research is established and a decision has to be made as to whether intellectual property (IP) protection is required.

The successful commercialisation of a product or service enhances both the University and the inventors reputations within the community and amongst their peers and if it becomes profitable, both parties benefit financially.

A commercial invention can be defined as any product or service that can be protected by law and is potentially profitable for those who develop it sufficiently to sell.