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Important Dates

Meeting Dates and Closing Dates for Submissions for 2017

All submissions to the AEC (including new applications, requests for amendment/addition of new personnel, progress and final reports, etc.) must be received a minimum of 2 and a half weeks prior to the meeting (i.e. on or before the Closing Dates for submissions). This is essential to allow sufficient time for processing and thorough review of submissions by the AEC prior to meetings. It also provides opportunity for applicants to clarify queries the Committee may have regarding their submission.

Closing Dates for SubmissionsMeeting Dates
Wednesday 25 January 2017Thursday 16 February 2017 
Thursday 23 February 2017Thursday 16 March 2017**
Monday 20 March 2017Wednesday 12 April 2017
Thursday 27 April 2017Thursday 18 May 2017**
Thursday 25 May 2017Thursday 22 June 2017 
Thursday 29 June 2017Thursday 20 July 2017** 
Thursday 27 July 2017Thursday 17 August 2017** 
Thursday 24 August 2017Thursday 21 September 2017 
Thursday 28 September 2017Thursday 19 October 2017** 
Thursday 26 October 2017Thursday 16 November 2017
Friday 24 November 2017Thursday 14 December 2017

**An inspection of animal facilities will be held on the day of the AEC meeting on the dates highlighted above (unless otherwise stated). It is a requirement under the NHMRC - Australian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes 8th Edition 2013  that inspections of facilities used for animal research, housing and teaching are carried out on a regular basis. Under the Macquarie University AEC Terms of Reference the AEC will carry out facility inspections twice per year, if possible.