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Contracts and agreements

All research-related contracts and agreements with external organisations must be submitted to the Research Policy & Contracts Team (RPCT) to ensure contract terms and conditions are acceptable to researchers and the University. 

The Research Policy & Contracts Team in conjunction with the Office of General Counsel (Legal) reviews, drafts, negotiates and arranges execution of all research-related contracts and agreements with external organisations.  This includes funding contracts, contracts relating to non-funded research activities such as non-disclosure/ confidentiality agreements, data sharing and material transfer arrangements and contracts for the renewal or variation of a grant or research contract. 

Part of our role is to ensure contracts comply with the University's Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and other University policies. 

NB:  Only the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) or his delegate is authorised to sign research contracts or agreements on behalf of Macquarie University.

Process for Funded Research Agreements

Process for Non-funded Research Agreements

Contact Details

Initial enquiries should be sent to:

Macquarie University Standard Agreements

Standard Agreements available

The Office of General Counsel is in the process of drafting 6 (six) Macquarie University Standard Agreements (MUSA). These Agreements can be downloaded or sent to External Parties with the proviso that no changes be made to the Agreements other than those pertaining to

  •  Parties involved (e.g. ABN number, registered address of Company/Institution)
  •  start / end dates for the individual Agreement.

 Using a standard MUSA should accelerate the negotiation and drafting process in order to have your Agreement fully executed by all parties. Please note that all MUSAs need to be signed off by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) or the Director, Research Office.

  • Confidentiality Agreement Mutual
  • Material Transfer Agreement (Providing) (under development)
  • Collaborative Research Agreement (under development)
  • Visitors Agreement
  • Contract Research Agreement (under development)
  • Macquarie Enterprise Partner Agreement (under development)

Any queries should be addressed to: