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Research Outputs Data Collection

2017 Collection

Relevant Documents 

The Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) has been removed from the Government specifications. However, the collection of all research outputs is still being collected for reporting purposes such as Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA).

It is also being processed for internal reporting which includes Faculty reports used for research active status and researcher profiles. The Research Office and the Library will continue to manage the collection of all Macquarie University publications. The library staff will source and enter some Macquarie University affiliated 2016 publications from scholarly databases. This mostly includes articles in peer-reviewed journals. Records will then be uploaded into the Integrated Research Information System (IRIS). Researchers are not required to add their publications into IRIS.

It is still the researcher's responsibility to ensure that all of their 2016 publications are in IRIS before the 30 April 2017.

Future changes are anticipated with the implementation of a new Publications and Research system at Macquarie University -PURE. However, the below process will continue business as usual until further notice:

  1. Check that all of your publications are in IRIS 
  2. If all of your publications are not in IRIS, check whether your publications are still being processed at ResearchOnline Pending Publications
  3. If your publications are not in IRIS or Research Online Pending Publications please email and advise the publication details.

To speed up the process send a copy of the publication to Please note that you may be required to send additional verification material such as peer review evidence for conference papers or journal articles.

Researchers new to Macquarie may use this template to send their publication details to You can also choose to send your CV including past publications and this information will be loaded into IRIS to support internal and/or government reporting.

A detailed description and diagram of the collection process are available here.

If you have any questions regarding publications or the verification process contact:

Yvette Kiddle
Research Reporting Assistant
Phone: +61-2-9850-1033

For Research Office system-related questions log a ticket on OneHelp or contact:

Semira Dautovic
Manager, Post-award and Reporting
Phone: +61-2-9850-4451

For any questions about ResearchOnline contact:


For further enquiries you may contact your Department or your Faculty Administrator:


Business & Economics

Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM)Kerry
ArtsGlenda Hewett
Ruth Cox
Christine Boman
Human SciencesJo
Science & EngineeringKatherine Shevelev
Cathi Humphrey-Hood
Medicine and Health SciencesTamy

Open Access

In August 2008 the University Council in the Open Access Policymandated the deposit of all refereed, revised, final draft research manuscripts into the

Macquarie University ResearchOnline, the University's digital open access collection. These manuscripts will be made open access, available to anyone on the Internet, except where this is restricted by publisher policy. The mandate will be implemented for research outputs from 2009 onwards. The Library will undertake copyright checks and will only make the manuscript available open-access where the publisher allows this. Where allowed, the publisher PDF will be the version published.

As part of the HERDC processing, Library staff will approach researchers for relevant copies of publications covered by the Open Access mandate.

If you would like any of your publications to be made open-access, please contact the Library's Research and Scholarly Information Team at:

General information regarding Macquarie University Open Access and ResearchOnline can be accessed through the following pages:

For further information about Open Access at Macquarie or regarding Macquarie University ResearchOnline please contact:

Fiona Burton
Associate University Librarian, Resources
Library Resources
Phone: +61 (02) 9850 7556