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E1 - Conference Publications

To be included in this category the conference publication must meet the definition of research and must:

  • be published in full. The papers may appear in a number of different formats, e.g. a volume of proceedings, a special edition of a journal, a normal issue of a journal, a book or a monograph, CD-ROM or conference or organisational website
  • be peer reviewed
  • be presented at conferences, workshops or seminars of national or international significance
  • the author must be affiliated with the claiming Higher Education Provider (HEP).

The types of conference publications that do not meet the criteria include papers that appear only in a volume handed out to conference participants, keynote addresses, plenary addresses, poster presentations and abstracts of conference publications.

Documentation Required for Verification

  • The paper or offprint of paper
  • Contents, preface and introduction and pages showing all relevant bibliographic information:
    • ISBN or ISSN (if applicable)
    • Article title
    • Conference title
    • Proceedings title
    • Editor(s) (if applicable)
    • Author(s)
    • Publisher/Place Published
    • Conference and publication dates
  • Evidence of national or international significance if not clearly shown in documents above
  • By-line or footnote or statement in publication indicating research undertaken in author's capacity as a staff member or student of the HEP
  • Evidence that the article has been peer-reviewed
  • Evidence of the year of publication

Peer Review

For the purposes of the HERDC, an acceptable peer review process is one that involves an assessment or review of the research publication in its entirety by independent, qualified experts before publication. Independent in this context means independent of the author.

For conference publications, any of the following are acceptable as evidence of peer review:

  • there is a statement in the conference proceedings which shows that contributions are peer reviewed (in the introduction, preface, etc.)
  • there is a statement on the official conference website which shows that contributions are peer reviewed
  • there is a statement or acknowledgement from the proceedings editor which shows that contributions are peer reviewed
  • a copy of a reviewer's assessment relating to the article.

Note: a statement from an author that a publication was peer reviewed is not acceptable.