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Research Data Management Toolkit

Tools for managing research data at Macquarie - your toolkit for best practice.

This toolkit will assist Macquarie's research community with research data planning and management. It provides guidance and reference materials and enables researchers to include sound data management practices in their projects from the outset.

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New to data management?

Why manage data?
What if I don't?
What is research data management?
What is considered research data?

Create data plan

Create a data plan

What is a Data Management Plan?
Why is planning important?
How do I plan for my data?
Resource: Data Management Plan


Store and access data

What are my storage and access needs?  What are my storage responsibilities? What are the options at and beyond Macquarie? What future storage will Macquarie provide?

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Describe data (metadata)

Why describe my data? What is data description? What is metadata? When should I describe? 
Metadata standards.

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Showcase data / Share data

Who is showcasing their data? What is Research Data Australia? How can  I showcase my data ? 
Why would I Share my data? Options for sharing data. 

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Find data / Cite data

How do I find other research data to leverage my research? Data catalogues and sources of data.
How do I Cite data and enable my data to be cited? 

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Code, ethics, policies, IP

What governs the collection, use and re-use of data?  
Including: Australian Code, ethics, policies, intellectual property.

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Further resources / Contacts

Where can I obtain further information? Data Management contacts at Macquarie.

Development of the resources within this Research data management toolkit was made possible by funding from the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) through the Seeding the Commons 11 project.