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Further Resources

Where can I find further resources?

Australian National Data Service - ANDS -  is funded by the Australian Government's Department of Industry (previously DIICCSRTE) to help transform Australia's research data environment.

To enable this transformation, ANDS is:

See the ANDS website for comprehensive information on Data Management, Metadata, Discovery, Access and Re-use of Data, Technical Resources and Guides.

Research Data Australia is an Internet-based discovery service designed to provide rich connections between data, projects, researchers and institutions, and promote visibility of Australian research data collections in search engines. There are many Macquarie data collections already described in RDA.

Research Data MANTRA is a course designed for PhD students  and others who are planning a research project using digital data.

ANDS DMP 21 - expanadable Data Management Planning tool based around 21 questions

The UK's Digital Curation Centre - The Digital Curation Centre provides expert advice and practical help to anyone in UK higher education and research wanting to store, manage, protect and share digital research data.