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ECR Network Events

Christmas Festivities in July 2016

Over 100 ECRs and supporters of the ECR Network celebrated Christmas in July on Friday 15 July. Undeterred by lack of snow, many donned their most fabulous Christmas sweaters and mingled with mulled wine or eggnog in hand. Jazz quartet Santa's Little Helpers warmed the room with cool Christmas tunes. The event was an opportunity for ECRs to meet peers within and outside their discipline and extend their network at Macquarie. Many left having made new acquaintances. Professor Sakkie Pretorius drew the lucky door prize winners, who each received cash prizes to be used for their research. Congratulations to Drs Denitsa Filipova, Dominic Soh and Agnes Bosanquet. Christmas sweater winners were Drs Monique Crane, Carly Jonco and Yeshe Colliver.


In Conversation With... Associate Professor Andrew Barron, 10 May 2016

On Tuesday 10 May we were privileged to have Associate Professor Andrew Barron speak as part of our in conversation with series. Andrew shared some potentially game-changing tips on planning and prioritising with the audience of early career researchers and HDR candidates. Among the things Andrew cited as critical to building his career early on was having a five year plan a holistic and utopian vision of where he wanted to be, encompassing both his career and life outside of work. He broke this plan down into yearly and monthly action plans to make it happen. In addition to this planning, he said that if he could go back in time he would advise his post-doctoral self to network more, read more, frame better questions, choose more impactful research and take the time to plan and automate certain tasks before launching into an experiment.

In Conversation With... Associate Professor Debbie Haski-Leventhal, 7 April 2016

The Macquarie ECR and HDR cohort were privileged on Thursday 7 April to hear MGSM Associate Professor Debbie Haski-Leventhal speak about her work and research in volunteerism and corporate social responsibility and the unexpected pathway that led her to make the journey across the world to Australia and finally to Macqaurie University. Tenacity, resilience and focus mark Debbie's early research career, driven by her passion to "live the dream". She says her first role as a researcher in Australia came about after 10 emails to the Director of a soon to be opened Centre before finally she got a call and a meeting and the position. While Debbie shared many valuable insights for early career researchers, her preparedness going in to job interviews is particularly worth noting. Of her preparation for her position at MGSM she says she sought insights from a panellist on one of her previous interviews (hint: the offer to buy coffee helps!). From these "amazing insights" she prepared for days, running her presentation "by the three Fs: family, friends and fools so by the time I did it in the interview at MGSM I felt like I was doing it for the 10th time". Important to her success, she says, was her ability to show the real value of her work and the implications of her research for practice, her innovative presentation delivery and days of preparation.


The Macquarie University Early Career Researcher Network Launch, 19 February 2016

On Friday 19th February over 200 early career researchers gathered at the Campus Hub for the launch of the Early Career Researcher Network. The event opened with speeches from Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Sakkie Pretorius, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Integrity and Development) Professor Lesley Hughes and early career biologist Dr Rachael Gallagher. Over mocktails and great food, energy was high as new connections were made. The launch is the first of a number of events to be delivered for early career researchers in 2016. Read more about the event here.

In Conversation With... Professor Amanda Barnier, 25 February 2016

ARC Future Fellow, Professor Amanda Barnier shared her career journey and tips for success - with PVC (Research Integrity and Development) Professor Lesley Hughes and a group of early career researchers in our first ECR Network "In conversation with" session. Amanda drew on her own career path to share advice on promotion, mentoring, prioritising, balancing family life with work and navigating the inevitable "highs and lows" of an academic career. She shared her belief that you need to "own the life you choose" and encouraged ECRs to consider what their personal definition of success looks like, to know their core business and prioritise around this: "think of the doors that you want to go through and make sure you are doing enough that could take you through any of those doors, and that you are not prematurely closing them".