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Submitting a new application

Macquarie University Biosafety Forms and Guidelines

Application for Approval for an Exempt Dealing

To be completed by applicants who believe their project should be exempt from requiring licensing by the OGTR and exempt from being considered as a Notifiable Low Risk Dealing (NLRD).

A risk assessment must also be completed and submitted with your application form. The risk assessment form is available here.

When Completing your application, you should also check the OGTR's classification of exempt dealings available here .        


Application for a Notifiable Low Risk Dealing (NLRD) Form

If information in your NLRD form is considered by you to be commercial in confidence you should also submit the OGTR's 'Application for declaration that specified information is confidential commercial information form' found here
When completing your application, you should also check Schedule 3, Parts 1 and 2 of the Regulations, which specifies the kinds of NLRDs suitable for PC1, PC2 and PC3.

The schedule is available here.
All applications for projects involving genetically modified organisms must submit a completed risk assessment to accompany their application.

 A risk assessment form (entitled "Biohazard- Risk Assessment Form GMO") can be found here.


Exempt Dealing Annual Report


NLRD Annual Report


External Agency Forms

If you need to submit an external form from the Office of Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) then please see the OGTR web site or contact Macquarie University's Research Office. These forms should be completed and submitted to Macquarie University's Biosafety Secretariat, by email and by mail: Research Office, Level 3, Research HUB, Building C5C, Macquarie University NSW 2109.

If you are unsure as to which application form may apply to your research or have trouble accessing the above forms please contact the Biosafety Secretary at

Before filling in your application form ensure you have read and understood the relevant legislation, guidelines and policies which relate to your project.