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Collaborative Research

Macquarie University encourages collaborative research within and beyond the University, nationally and internationally.

When establishing an external research collaboration you should discuss the following areas with your collaborators:

  • ownership of intellectual property (see the University's Intellectual Property Policy);
  • ownership, location and access to the data and materials;
  • confidentiality;
  • identification and management of conflicts of interest;
  • protocols for the dissemination of research outputs;
  • sharing of commercial returns, and
  • responsibility for ethics and research safety.

In some instances it may be necessary to have a formal agreement between the collaborating organisations. All researchers are encouraged to discuss their potential collaborations with their Faculty Research Manager at an early stage to determine if a formal agreement is required.

Researchers involved in a collaborative research project must familiarise themselves, and comply, with the written agreement governing the collaboration and all policies and agreements affecting the project.

Researchers must disclose to their collaborators, as soon as possible, any actual or apparent conflicts of interest relating to any aspect of a collaborative project.

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