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Peer Review

Peer review is the impartial assessment of research by others working in the same or a related field. Peer review is often used in the evaluation of grant proposals, publications and ethics approvals.

Macquarie University acknowledges the importance of peer review as part of the scientific process and we encourage all of our researchers to participate in peer review.

The peer-review process involves the sharing of information for scholarly assessment on behalf of the larger disciplinary community. The integrity of this process depends on confidentiality until the information is released to the public. Therefore, the contents of research proposals, of manuscripts submitted for publication, and of other scholarly documents under review should be considered privileged information not to be shared with others, including students and staff, without explicit permission by the authority requesting the review. Ideas and results learned through the peer-review process should not be made use of prior to their presentation in a public forum or their release through publication.

Responsibilities of researchers

  • not to interfere with the peer review process
  • to participate in peer review and to fulfil any peer review obligations associated with their funding
  • assist trainee researchers in developing peer review skills and understanding their responsibilities
  • declare all relevant conflicts of interest.

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