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Reasons to partner

The motivations to partner on a research project are many and varied. Understanding these motivations helps us build a partnership where the needs of both parties are articulated and form the foundation of a research project of mutual benefit.

Partnering with external organisations enables Macquarie to access:

  • vital information to ensure our research activity is relevant and impactful,
  • industry or sector based knowledge & expertise;
  • additional specialised facilities or resources;
  • data, research cohorts, and industry contacts;
  • opportunities to leverage paired capacity;

along with the ability to improve research impact and relevance via industry and sector contact.

Partnering with Macquarie enables external organisations to:

  • access our research expertise, capabilities, and knowledge,
  • utilise our world-class facilities,
  • access funding opportunities on joint applications,
  • pursue opportunities for competitive insights and advantages,
  • engage communities

Reasons to partner