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Philosophy and religious studies

Research in philosophy and religious studies at Macquarie University received a rating of 4 out of 5 - 'performance above world standard' - in ERA 2012.

4-rated disciplinePhilosophy and religious studies
4-rated sub-discipline
  • philosophy

The philosophy program at Macquarie has long-standing research strengths in ethics, European philosophy, metaphysics, philosophical psychology, philosophy of mind, and social philosophy, and more recently has also developed specialisations in applied ethics, bioethics, medical ethics and moral cognition.

Human agency, mind and self

A distinctive strength of philosophy research at Macquarie, philosophers are at the forefront of research in these fields, with expertise in philosophy of agency, moral responsibility and moral cognition, memory, and extended cognition.

These are areas in which, increasingly, philosophical research proceeds in partnership with the psychological and cognitive sciences.

A further distinguishing feature of Macquarie's philosophy research is its commitment to engaging with major contemporary issues, drawing on a plurality of philosophical traditions – analytic and European – as well as the scientific literature. Recent examples include the development of conceptual frameworks for understanding problems of work, addiction, parenting, gender and health inequality.

Research Centre for Agency,Values and Ethics (CAVE)

An interdisciplinary centre involving researchers from cognitive science, law, medicine, philosophy, psychology and social inclusion, CAVE has strong links to national and international partners.


Research - Philosophy and religious studies

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Centre for Agency, Values and Ethics
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